Safa - Grown From Purity

About Safa

Extra long grain SAFA golden sella rice is with no doubt the ultra superior quality ever to have been perceived. Exceptional taste, extra-long slender edgy shape and fragrance that will simply overcome the perception of anyone who enjoying a meal .

SAFA Golden Sella Rice is a cultivated and tended by hand in the lush green foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. It is an extremely labour intensive process, but our supreme growers and handlers are expertly trained to insure the best quality grains for packaging. We at Safa insure that our product is 100% untainted and hygienic.

SAFA rice has a remarkable intoxicating aroma and unique delicious taste, perfect for a variety of dishes, such as biryani, pulao and different types of rice dishes around the world.

The long golden grains of golden sella rice are of the same variety as basmati rice. Unlike the traditional Basmati rice, the paddy of the golden sella rice is first steamed then dried for milling instead of polished. This process is also known as parboiling. This technique causes the rice to turn a beautiful shade of golf, and causes each grain to perfectly separate once cooked. The hot steam before milling allows the rice to maintain the nutritional properties that are contained in the outer layers of the grain, by diffusing the nutrients into the starch filled endosperm, while the polishing of traditional basmati rice actually causes the grains to lose nutritional properties.

This process of boiling gives the rice not only a new color & texture but also increases its strength to achieve better cooking results.

Safa’s Golden Sella Basmati Rice is a high quality nutritious aromatic product you are sure to enjoy.